2015 seirous teachers

Employer Introduction

Founded in 1921, Nanchang University (NCU) is one of the top-100 universities in China and the only “211 Project” university in Jiangxi Province. Located in the city of Nanchang, Jiangxi province (eastern China), NCU has five campuses with a total enrollment of over 60,000 students at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels.


Nanchang University School of Software (NCUSS), founded in June 2002, is a top-notch software school in Jiangxi Province. Located in scenic Qingshanhu Campus (north campus) NCUSS has an enrollment of over 4000 students. NCUSS offers 6 three-year diploma programs, 3 bachelor programs, 1 Master's Degree program and 1 Doctorial Degree program. 



A. Condition of Employment:

1. Start from Feb. or Sept. every year

2. Salary:

Computer & Software Teacher : RMB8,000 -12,000 per month.

English Teacher:  RMB 5300-5800 per month for candidates with bachelor’s degree; RMB5800-6300 per month for candidates with a master’s degree. 


(Note: If a teacher maintains presentable teaching performance throughout the school year and chooses to renew the contract for another school year, he or she will get a raise. In every new school year, a raise is guaranteed upon the renewal of a one-year contract.)


3. Work Load:  14-18 teaching hours per week from Monday to Friday.

4. Student Level: undergraduate students, three-year diploma students and  


5. Free Accommodation

6. Round trip air ticket refunding

7. One-month paid vacation  

8. RMB2200 per school year for vacation expenses

9. RMB500 per month for electricity, water, gas and internet access.



C. Required Documents

1. Resume

2. Degree& Certificate


3. Passport & Visa & Resident Permit (if applicable)


4. Reference& Foreign Expert Certificate ( if applicable)




D. Contact Us

Contact: Steven / Lisa

Email: ncuss@ncu.edu.cn

Tel: +86-791-88304231

Fax: +86-791-88337187

Address: 235,Nanjing East Road,Nanchang, Jiangxi 330047

Website: www.ncusc.com



Subjects & courses taught in English at NCUSS